Technologies, Frameworks and Libraries

Building SaaS has never been easier than these days, at least from the technology point of view. It should be simple – just pick your favorite tools and libraries and start building something, right? Well, maybe not so straight forward. But no worries, you will hardly end up with perfect set of tools and libraries anyway. Because it probably doesn’t exist. Let me highlight some of the tools and libraries […]

Tennis fans, attention! (Tennis statistics)

(30.12.2014) UPDATE! Complete ATP/WTA 2014 Results included! At EXMERG we love Tennis! Except watching it, playing and supporting our favourite players (Nole:)), we like to dive into tennis statistics. Tennis Data is an excellent source of tennis statistics not only for bettors. We have decided to load collected data into EXMERG and now we would like to share them with you! Click here to access the files. (alternatively copy url […]

Share Interactive Pivot Tables and Datasets with EXMERG

Imagine you could easily create and share interactive pivot tables from your workbooks or csv files. Sounds complicated? Not at all! Let EXMERG automatically process your excel workbook or csv file and then use Sharing feature to create shareable link. You can achieve this with a few clicks. From now on, you can create links to your workspace or any subset of files it contains. Sharing is flexible – you […]

We are proud to announce new EXMERG release

New EXMERG release is here! If you have been using EXMERG previously, the first sight will tell – new logo, colors, icons. The new design is a step forward and increases usability of the tool. Following are the most important improvements: Improved merging – merging is the core functionality of EXMERG and it’s much better now New Dynamic charts – new types of dynamic charts were added Full-text search – […]

EXMERG: New version released

What’s new in the latest version of EXMERG? Following are the most important improvements: New storage system Support for CSV files Improved security Performance improvement New storage system We rely on Amazon S3 as main document storage system for our users. This helps us improve security and availability of EXMERG service as well as enabling us to scale the application independently of the storage system. Support for CSV files We […]

SOLVED with EXMERG #1: Selected issues from

Following problems were solved using There’s no need to register to use the tool, just press Esc to access the workspace (there are already sample files) . Problem #1: Match part number then extract qty onto a different sheet Original post: To solve the problem, you can use following steps: 1. Drag&Drop your Excel files into browser 2. Choose from menu Merging tables -> Add Drag & Drop […]

Why do I post solutions here instead of

Unfortunately my replies were deleted from the forum. I respect the decision of administrator, and therefore I will be posting the solutions on this blog.