We are proud to announce new EXMERG release

New EXMERG release is here! If you have been using EXMERG previously, the first sight will tell – new logo, colors, icons. The new design is a step forward and increases usability of the tool. Following are the most important improvements: Improved merging – merging is the core functionality of EXMERG and it’s much better now New Dynamic charts – new types of dynamic charts were added Full-text search – […]

EXMERG: New version released

What’s new in the latest version of EXMERG? Following are the most important improvements: New storage system Support for CSV files Improved security Performance improvement New storage system We rely on Amazon S3 as main document storage system for our users. This helps us improve security and availability of EXMERG service as well as enabling us to scale the application independently of the storage system. Support for CSV files We […]