Dynamic Charts

Dynamic Charts with EXMERG

Create dynamic charts from your data using only Drag&Drop

  • Drag workbook into browser
  • See the magic happen
  • Create awesome charts

*** April 2018 ***

Introducing Gridoc

Free Data Merging Tool

It’s a snap !

1. Upload your workbook files

Simply drag&drop the spreadsheet file into the upload area.
EXMERG - Drag worksheet_mod

Processing the spreadsheet may take couple of moments, depending on file size and complexity of the data.
Once the spreadsheet is successfully processed, it will be opened in a new tab.
Number of displayed rows is automatically calculated based on your browser window size.

2. Choose chart type

    Currently there are 3 chart types:

  • Column chart
  • Area chart
  • Line chart

In the menu click Charts and select type of the chart you want to create. In this example we choose column chart: Charts – Add Column Chart
EXMERG - Charts_mod

An empty chart area will popup on the right side.

3. Set X Axis of the chart

Drag any textual column into the X Axis area of the chart as shown in the picture.
EXMERG - Drag column1_mod

4. Set Y Axis of the chart

Drag any numeric column into the Y Axis area, as shown in the picture.
EXMERG - Drag column2_mod

5. DONE!

Chart will be automatically rendered using data from the source worksheet.
EXMERG - Column chart

Charts are dynamic – if you use sorting, move to another page or use the full-text search to filter data, chart will be automatically updated.

Other chart types

Example area chart:
EXMERG - Area chart

Example line chart:
EXMERG - Line chart

Various other types of charts are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Did anything go wrong while creating a chart? Call us today at +421 918 972 459 or Email us at help@exmerg.com

Get in touch and let us know how we can help.
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