We are proud to announce new EXMERG release

New EXMERG release is here!

If you have been using EXMERG previously, the first sight will tell – new logo, colors, icons. The new design is a step forward and increases usability of the tool.

Following are the most important improvements:

  1. Improved merging
  2. – merging is the core functionality of EXMERG and it’s much better now

  3. New Dynamic charts
  4. – new types of dynamic charts were added

  5. Full-text search
  6. – quick search with highlighting

  7. Improved security
  8. – you can now change or reset the passwords

  9. Higher data volumes
  10. – the upper limit was increased to 100,000 rows per worksheet (can vary depending on number of columns)

  11. Improved CSV support
  12. – EXMERG now handles CSV files in much better way thanks to awesome OpenCSV library

  13. Improved columns management
  14. – now it’s possible to manage visible columns with central toolbar button

  15. Turn paging on/off
  16. – you can turn paging feature on/off based on what suits the purpose better

  17. Performance improvement
  18. – we also included couple of perfomance fixes which you can experience with bigger datasets

We are certain that the new features will boost your productivity.

Happy data exploring from the EXMERG team!

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