Introducing Gridoc
Create Charts simply by Drag&Drop
Instant paging, sorting and merging of data
Drag&Drop Workbooks processing

EXMERG - Excellent Sheet Merging Tool

Merging data from multiple worksheets has never been easier. Use simple Drag&Drop instead of complicated macros and formulas.

  • Drag&Drop columns
  • Export merged data
  • Create Charts
  • No macros and formulas

Drag&Drop Workbooks processing

Simply drag your workbook files to the browser and get them processed.

Instant paging, sorting and merging of data

See your data moving fast under your fingers.

Create Charts simply by Drag&Drop

Creating charts has never been so much fun.

1 Credit = 10 rows of exported Data

Only pay if you want to export more then 100 rows of merged data.

Simple and Fair Credit System

  • Import xls/xlsx files
  • Maximum workbook file size
  • Export to xls/xlsx
  • Free Credits
  • Additional credits
  • Dynamic charts
  • Charts export
  • Workbooks in workspace
  • E-mail support
  • Available support

Credit PlanFree + Credit Bonus

$000per month

Credit Packages

BasicKeeping Costs Down

$039per 10 credits
  • Includes 100 Credits
  • Price $3.90

StandardGreat Value/Price

$029per 10 credits
  • Includes 500 Credits
  • Price $14.50

ExtendedBusiness & Corporates

$019per 10 credits
  • Includes 2000 Credits
  • Price $38.00

Big DataResearch & Man-Eaters

$009per 10 credits
  • Includes 10000 Credits
  • Price $90.00

Support Packages

ProfessionalBest for Professionals

$999for 3 months
  • E-mail support
  • First response until 48 hours

BusinessBusiness & Corporates

$1999for 3 months
  • E-mail support
  • First response until 24 hours
  • Skype Contact

EnterpriseBusiness & Corporates

$2999for 3 months
  • E-mail support
  • First response until 24 hours
  • Priority Skype Contact

Have Questions to ask?

How does it work?
EXMERG is an application for merging and consolidating data from Excel workbooks or CSV files. It transforms data into comprehensible structure and makes it easy to quickly perform tasks which could otherwise take hours.
Should I worry about uploaded data?
We deeply respect the trust of our users who upload their precious data into our service. One of our main tasks is to make sure your data are protected and stored in highly secured environment. There is no 3rd party access to your data, ever. We carefully use sample data from our users to test algorithm improvements.
Where can I submit bug or feature request?
Please use our issue tracking system to submit bug or feature request.
Do you offer enterprise version of EXMERG (hosted in private network) ?
If customer requires complete control over the server which runs EXMERG, there is an option to have it installed into private enterprise network. The other possibility is private cloud hosting, in which EXMERG instance runs in the cloud, but with special setup which guarantees exclusive access for the customer. For more information please contact service@
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