Combine Tables intelligently combines data from multiple worksheets or files.

If you have multiple files or worksheets with the same or similar number of columns, and would like to copy them into a single file, just Drag&Drop your files into browser, click Combine Tables, and select which files to combine.

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Data Merging enables you to create custom matching rules and have the data merged automatically.

If you have multiple files or worksheets containing a common column (or multiple common columns), and would like to merge rows from these files across the common cell values, Drag&Drop your files into browser, click Merge Data, create custom matching rules (again using Drag&Drop), and Data Merging will automatically compare and merge rows from your files or worksheets.

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Data Consolidation lets you summarize data or identify duplicates

You can for example extract unique values from a column, and then have related values from other columns enumerate into a single cell - a simple yet powerful way to identify duplicates.

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Easily create interactive column, area or line charts from your data.

Charts are dynamic - if you use sorting, move to another page or use the full-text search to filter data, chart will be automatically updated.

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Share documents from your Workspace.

Share workbook link via email, social media, or embed the link into a blog post - your data will be just a click away.

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