EXMERG: New version released

What’s new in the latest version of EXMERG?

Following are the most important improvements:

  1. New storage system
  2. Support for CSV files
  3. Improved security
  4. Performance improvement

New storage system

We rely on Amazon S3 as main document storage system for our users. This helps us improve security and availability of EXMERG service as well as enabling us to scale the application independently of the storage system.

Support for CSV files

We are glad to add support for CSV files which are being produced by many business applications.

Improved security

From now on the domain app.exmerg.com uses 128-bit encryption, which limits the probability of transferred files being read by 3rd party down to 0.

Performance improvement

Following performance improvements are now part of EXMERG:

  1. Automatic application scaling (depending on traffic)
  2. Increased memory and processing power
  3. Improved spreadsheet data indexing

Enjoy the new stuff and let us know what you think!

The EXMERG team

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