Introduction to data table sharing

1. Upload your workbook or CSV files

Simply drag&drop XLS, XLSX or CSV file into the upload area.

*** April 2018 ***

Introducing Gridoc

Free Data Merging Tool

2. Open sharing window

sharing button

After clicking Share button a Sharing window will popup.

3. Choose what to share

Sharing workspace

By selecting Workspace from the tree, all current and future added documents in your Workspace will be shared.

Sharing files

By selecting certain files, only those will be shared. With the Open automatically option it is possible to determine whether the document will be automatically open after clicking the sharing link.

4. Generate sharing link

Next step is generating the sharing link. This is done by clicking the Share button. Sharing link will be generated.

5. Finally – Share

Generated link is a permanent link which you can share via email, social media, or embed into a blog post – simple as that.

Test sharing link generated with this example:



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